We invite you to discover a very modern and progressive part of the Moscow region – Skolkovo!

Visit the best business school in Russia and the most famous Russian innovation center, enjoy contemporary architecture together with peaceful Meshersky Park!
The Skolkovo Innovation Center
Visit the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the Russian version of America's Silicon Valley, with a professional guide!

During the tour you will come in touch with Russian innovations in IT, space, nuclear, energy efficient and bio-medical technologies. All of them are developed at one Innovation Center to allow innovative projects to intersect and benefit from each other.

We will see laboratories, workshops and the so-called robotic hackspace! We will also stroll along the territory of the Innovation Center to gain an impression of its unique architecture of this innovative town and its landscape design.

The SKOLKOVO Business School
Have a tour of the futurist campus of the SKOLKOVO Business School and learn what makes it so special and successful! This private business school was designed for those who want to get state-of-the-art knowledge of the worlds' leading business schools together with understanding of Russian realities. In fact, the school offers original educational strategies and its professors are writing unique business-cases focused on developing markets! We will find out how the school is connected with Russian avant-garde art (spiritually and by architecture) and who is its "genius loci".

"Keep calm and do business in Russia!" This is the motto of SKOLKOVO alumnai and professors.

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